Sunday, January 26, 2014

"There You Are" Music Video on YouTube!!! :)

Alright, I know I have not entered a new Blog for 4 months, but I did not fall off the face of the Earth, I've been SO super busy that I don't even know where to begin! :)

First of all, my new music video for my radio single "There You Are" was shot, edited, & released on YouTube, finally! Yeah!!! :)  Here it is for your viewing pleasure-

Please leave a comment below & tell me what you think. :)
"There You Are" is featured on my new album on CD & is also a digital single & ringtone(on the iPhone). The "catchy little number" is also receiving rotation airplay on FM stations in New York & New Jersey, as well as numerous internet stations worldwide! :)

You can also check out a tribute video a fan made for me of all his favorite films of mine, as well as clips from my music video "World's On Fire", cut to my punk rock track "So Long" here-

From just before the holidays of 2013 up to next week I have booked 10 feature films, a TV series, a web series, 2 music videos, numerous recording sessions & found out a book I modeled for the cover of will be released in a couple weeks!!!  And, I have had so many auditions, call backs, & meetings that I have lost track! :)  That is all why I been delinquent in entering a new Blog.

I am super thrilled about my meeting tomorrow with a new theatrical agent & wrapping on the current comedy feature production I am working on just in time to prep for my next horror feature!!!  Good times all the time. :)

And, I am even more thrilled to have hired the perfect candidate to be my Fan Club President to help me with my new Fan Club & the multi-tasking of my social media outlets. :)  He truly is my biggest fan, so he was the perfect person for the job, which he has quickly proved with the flood of photos & links going out all the time so far this year constantly boosting my already strong internet presence.  :)

Finally, I have a life changing gig in the works that I was floored by when they contacted me!  You just never really know who is "watching" you out there online.  I am not at liberty to share any details at the moment, but when I am, don't worry, you'll know because the WORLD will know, as well!!! :)

This will BY FAR be my biggest year yet!!! :)  2014-here I AM!!! :)


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'Chavez Cage of Glory'!

They say in my business you never know when you are going to get that "call" that changes your life.  And, I have absolutely no doubt that is 100% true.  However, in this digital age, that "call" can come in a variety of different ways-texts, emails, instant messages or ims, & social media messages such as Facebook & Twitter. So, you not only have to check your voice mail messages or answering machine messages, if you even have a land line in your home anymore, but you have to check a list of other outlets where one might leave you a message.

In the Entertainment business, things can change literally from minute to minute, so opportunities can come along out of nowhere.  Because of this unpredictable nature of this horrid beast, you have to be available at all times.  And, I speak from experience.  I've lived in Los Angeles for the passed 13 years of my 15 year career thus far, & I have sacrificed a ton of time seeing my family whom none of which reside in Los Angeles or anywhere near California, because I didn't want to be away & miss "that call" or any call for that matter. Countless holidays missed & gone forever because I didn't want to miss an opportunity because you have to be around & available because there is always someone waiting in the wings.

And, independent productions shoot all year 'round.  There are no holidays, vacations, or breaks.  You get a break, holiday, or time for a vacation when you aren't booked with no work.

Thanksgiving weekend 2012 I decided after just auditioning for a new recurring role on "Glee" the week before that I was going to relax & take a break with my loved ones & celebrate the holiday, a special occasion, & my awesome series audition.  After wishing many people-family & friends a Happy Thanksgiving & having a great night on that Thursday-I decided to go incognito from cyberspace Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, get out of town & enjoy the holiday weekend.  I had NO idea that a message was going to come in that Friday night after Thanksgiving just after 8pm to my Facebook account that was a major opportunity.

A dear, dear colleague & friend on mine who played my hottest on-screen girlfriend to date in a film we shot together earlier in the year was working on an indie action/drama that week starring some "name" actors & sent me a message on Facebook that Friday night after Thanksgiving asking if I was available to shoot on that Monday on this awesome film she was working on.  But, because, I was not online & actually taking a break after so many years of "waiting by the phone"(so to speak), I missed the message.
I didn't get the message until Monday morning & it was too late to show up to the gig.

At the time, I was bummed because I missed a job working with my friend & some awesome "name" actors(2 of which I had worked with before), as well as Danny Trejo-whom I am a fan of.  But, oh well, next time & the next one-no big deal.  And, I gave my friend my cell phone number to contact me on next time instead of sending me a message on Facebook.  Of course, I did have my cell phone with me & on during my pseudo break.

Turns out that the little indie action/drama got a theatrical release nationwide & opens everywhere this Friday September 13th.  After 15 years of my career, I finally get cast in a film that gets released nationwide with billboards, bus & subway posters everywhere, & I was not online & missed the message, thus missing this opportunity.  I couldn't be happier for my friend because she has a leading role, but every time I see one of those billboards or posters it feels like a shotgun blow to my chest.  The one time I take a break for 3 days & miss something so huge.

Lesson learned the hard way.  Now, I check all my messages-Facebook, emails, texts, etc. obsessively at least 3 times a day.  I should be in a film opening nationwide in theaters on Friday, but instead I am checking my messages & wishing to God that I could go back in time, so I could check my fucking Facebook messages just after 8pm the Friday night after Thanksgiving.

So, show your support & go see my amazing friend Sadie Katz in 'Chavez Cage of Glory' on Friday at a theater near you.  And, know that next time I will be telling you to go see me for sure!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Limited Edition Signed CD Now Available!!! :D

Well, it is finally Here!!!!  A Limited Edition Signed CD of my new pop/rock album Victoria De Mare is now available!!!  This is so exciting to me-you have no idea!

The passed 2 years of my life/career musically have been a whirlwind!  After learning how to write, record, & produce hits 3 years ago working with a music legend, then losing the one person who I felt after 15 years of my career felt the same way about me & my ability as I did(who was as excited as I was to be finally working with an artist like me in their career), & then being propositioned to write & record new music & promised if they liked just one song that they would "sign" me & back a new project-only to be abandoned without a word after I not only wrote a fantastic, catchy-as-hell, radio savvy hit, but an entire 12 track album.

Now, after sleazy "has beens", full-of-shit "bullshitters", & even death, I have accomplished & finished my first real album calling all the shots myself this time without any man trying to control me & take credit, which I have appropriately titled simply Victoria De Mare !  I'm finally realizing a dream that I have had my entire life.  And, that feels WONDERFUL!!!

It is absolutely true that it is always darkest before the dawn.  You would never believe where I started writing that first song that started it all for me on this project! :)  Let's just say that it was literally in the dark, but the whole time in my heart I could feel the light on my face. :)

So, Thank You to all rotten hustlers who tried to manipulate & ruin me, all the empty promises from the talkers who spoke out their asses, & all the naysayers who thought everything was against me & that I could never do it!  Thank You!!!  But, wait, I just described the entire music business!?!  Oh, well, Thank You to the entire music business, as well, for teaching me to keep my eye on the prize & just keep moving towards it no matter what happens-literally, even if someone you loved dearly died in the process.

Thank you most of all to my co-genius for your creativity & professionalism & to "Boo" for your inspiration that started it all!

If you want to get a copy of your own Limited Edition Signed Victoria De Mare CD, leave me a comment here, or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter, & I'll tell you how you can get one TODAY!!!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

'Bio Slime' Now Available on DVD!!! :)

Well, it is finally here!!!  Sci-fi/horror feature Bio Slime (aka Contagion in Japan :)) starring yours truly is now available on DVD!!!  Get your copy today on Amazon @

I don't appear on the cover anymore due to the distributor's change of heart, but the original front cover is now the back cover, so I appear as the back cover with one additional still of me & actress Kelli Kaye from the film.

This film was written, produced, edited, & directed by my dear friend & colleague, John Lechago, who also did all the special fx, as well.  And, since John is also a professionally trained fine artist & painter, all the paintings & drawings & such that you see in the film are his.  I am very proud to be his friend & colleague for many years now & am very happy to have worked on this film.  I still remember getting the call from him telling me that he was rounding up his "usual suspects" for his next film.  I was very grateful to be considered one of his "usual suspects" when working on a new project.  "Mary" was a complete blast to play & I loved the concept of The Blob meets Alien.

For those of you who are thinking, "who the hell is John Lechago?"  He is also the writer, editor, & director of Killjoy Goes To Hell & writer/director of Killjoy 3 (aka Killjoy's Revenge).  I am forever grateful to John for creating "Batty Boop" on the page for me to bring to life.  "Batty" is most certainly my favorite character to date of my career that I have played thus far.

So, go purchase your DVD copy of Bio Slime today & for God's sake if you haven't seen or don't have Killjoy 3 & Killjoy Goes To Hell yet order that off Amazon today, as well.  Your DVD collection & me will be thanking you forever!


Monday, February 18, 2013

'Dust Up' Now Available @ Best Buy Nationwide!!! :D

Yiipppeee!!!  Action/comedy 'Dust Up' is now available at Best Buy nationwide!!!  So, check out your local Best Buy store & pick up your DVD copy today!  :)   I got the last DVD copy at the Best Buy in Hollywood, CA.!

You can find it in the action/sci fi section.  There was one DVD left on the shelf & no Blu-rays.  :(
Check me out as "Diane, The Dancing Boob Girl"!!! :)   I kid you not-read the credits.  :)  Everyone will remember me in this one.  That is simply the best credit ever! :)

Oh, & if there is a Blockbuster location still open near you, 'Dust Up' is also available for rent or purchase at Blockbuster nationwide, as well!  I heard it was in stock at my local store in Hollywood, but I haven't made it over there to take a photo yet.  :)  It is on my "To Do" list.  :)  Wow, "take pic with new movie at Blockbuster...", what a dream come true to put on my real "To Do" list! :)

Thanks a billion to Ward Roberts, Annie Roberts, Al Burke, & Tom Devlin!!!  But, especially to Ward for finally getting me into Best Buy!  And, this is only the beginning... :)


Friday, January 18, 2013

WOW! I'm a Warner Brothers Music Catalog Artist!!! :)

After six months of persistence, I have officially been added to the Warner Brothers Music Catalog in the Film, as well as, TV department databases serving all Warner Brothers productions worldwide!!!  And, not just one or two of my songs, but all 12 tracks from my new record!  This is so super amazing to me!  I am absolutely thrilled!!!

Now, at any moment in time, right now, a music supervisor or editor could be searching through the database of songs & choose one of my songs to license for their production.  Completely awesome!!!

I thank God for Ford & Chris for this miracle.  I appreciate it more than they could possibly know. :)

One of my goals(I have many:)) this year is to book a music license for one or more of my new songs in a feature or short film, TV show or movie, or TV commercial.  Now this accomplishment has moved me closer to this goal.

I read an interesting story just the other day by Michael Bailey Smith about how he received a phone call one day & within 2 hours he was in wardrobe & working on a network TV show, paid extremely well, & went home feeling amazing!  He noted just how insane & completely unpredictable this business really is & that "a call" could come in at any moment in time. :)

Every morning I wake up I say to myself that this is the day I am going to get "the call". :)


Thursday, December 20, 2012

"There You Are" Single LIVE on iTunes!!! :D

Well, I couldn't help myself...the 2nd digital single-and my favorite track on the album, by the way :)-"There You Are" is now available on iTunes worldwide!!! :)  Now, get your phone out & go to your iTunes App & download it or click on the link below on your laptop & download it onto your music library, then, get out your iPod & sync that shit up!!! :)

So, besides tuning in to me every week on the radio no matter where you are in the world(thanks to the Internet :)), you can now download 2 of my new singles online on iTunes & soon from every digital store you can find online, as well as 4 thirty second ringtones on the iPhone available to all iPhone users worldwide. Yes!!!

When will the entire album(or record, if you are in the music biz & you're old school :)) be available, you ask???  Well, that depends on about half a dozen other record companies right now & 4 possible film licenses all currently being considered as I am typing this. :)  So, stay tuned... :)

I hope everyone has the happiest of holidays & may all your dreams come true in 2013!!! <3